Hi, I’m Grace, a life-long Catholic whose relationship with Jesus sparked my freshmen year of college when I realized that Christ existed in the present moment. Up until that time, I had always imagine him as distant… off in heaven… someone I would meet face-to-face at the end of my life. I knew he had saved me from my sin, and I was always grateful to him for that. I also would pray when I needed him, which I thought was only when things in my life were getting difficult. Up until that time, I had always thought I could manage on my own. The circumstances of that entire year were slowly teaching me otherwise. Since I was going through a load of poo, I had been spending a lot of time in prayer. I needed God’s help. It was all this time in prayer that ignited this truth. I remember exactly where I was when it hit me. I was walking to my first class of the morning through a light fog, and it was as if someone turned on a light and was whispering in the depths of my heart, “Jesus is here… Jesus is my friend… Jesus wants me to let him love me…”

Slowly but surely, this little realization caused some very big changes. It wasn’t long before I dropped out of Nursing School to study Theology. Even though I had attended Mass my entire life, had always frequented the sacraments, and only attended Catholic schools growing up, there was so much knowledge I was lacking. I had grown up knowing lots of things about Jesus, but I’m not sure I ever really knew him. Now, as I pursued a degree in Theology, I was in a constant state of wonder and awe. I love the infinite beauty of Catholicism, and I love knowing why we believe what we believe. I like logic. I like reason. None of the Catholic educators in my past had ever been able to offer this information. It ignited a fire in my soul. There is nothing in my life that I have ever felt so passionate about. I decided to become a High School Religion teacher — the teacher I wished I would have had. In God’s great generosity, I was offered a position at a Catholic High School two days before graduation. I spent four wonderful years at that school until my husband’s job required us to move out of state.

Our new town is very small, and very rural. There are not many opportunities to teach, but that desire to help others through simple explanations of the faith remains. This is how The Swap came to be.

Grace received a degree in Theology and Catechetics from Franciscan University in 2012. She has worked across the board in every ministry setting, from teaching Sunday school, to leading small groups, hosting Bible studies, developing youth ministry programs, leading retreats, and teaching Scripture and Apologetics. She currently resides in Georgia with her husband Chris, working as an Office Manager and freelance writer and editor.

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