Which Hogwarts House would the Apostles be sorted into?

I find amusement in combining the worlds of my favorite literary pieces. Today, on the feast of St Bartholomew, I found myself debating which Hogwarts’ House he would have been a part of. Inevitably, this lead me to sorting each apostle into a house, based entirely on what I already knew of them…

Full disclosure: Scripture does not divulge a ton of character description about the apostles. Much of what the Catholic Church teaches has been handed down through Tradition– meaning it may not be explicitly in the Bible. Lastly, there are some details contained in this post that are pure speculation. **I will make those clear by surrounding them with asteriks.**

There is not a single doubt in my mind that this man would have found himself sorted into Gryffindor House. Of all the Apostles, we know the most about Peter. Peter was quick to speak (quick to identify Jesus as the Christ), impulsive (cut off the ear of the High Priest’s servant), courageous (he got out of the boat), strong-willed (wanted Jesus to depart from him because he was a sinner), and incredibly loyal (swims to shore when he sees Christ after the resurrection). He hits all the marks of a Gryffindor.

Andrew was Peter’s brother, before becoming a disciple of Jesus, Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist. It’s possible that Andrew was there when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan. I imagine Andrew as a Slytherin… mostly for his extreme resourcefulness. I mean, he “found” the Christ!! And as Harry points out, being a Slytherin does not automatically make one a bad person.

James, son of Zebedee
Jesus referred to James and John (his little brother) as “sons of thunder,” as both had fiery tempers, were easily angered and quick to judge the enemies of the Lord. James was also the first of all the apostles to die– he was beheaded. In light of his extreme reactions, as well as loyalty to the Gospel, I think James is also a Gryffindor.

John, son of Zebedee
Brother of James and also quick to jump to Jesus’ defense, John could easily fit in with the Gryffindors. However, there is no denying that of all the Apostles, John was “the beloved”; he was particularly devoted to Jesus, and was the only one of the 12 to witness the entirety of Jesus’ Passion. John also devoted himself to spreading the Good News (writing the last of the four Gospels), and taking care of the Blessed Mother. There is no denying John’s dedication and loyalty to Christ. John is a Hufflepuff.

I struggled with placing Philip. Not as much is known about him; we know he recruited his friend Bartholomew (aka Nathaniel) to be a disciple of Christ, and we know that Jesus asks him where to get food before he performs the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000. Philip was a loyal friend, but he also liked logic and things that were more concrete. I’m thinking Philip is a Ravenclaw.
Bartholomew (whose feast we celebrate today!)
Like his friend Philip, there are little specifics known about him. He was a prayerful man (Christ saw him under the fig tree) and he was held in high esteem for his humility and honesty. I’m thinking this man is a Hufflepuff.

Poor Thomas gets a bad rap as a “doubter”, but the man actually deserves some credit. Thomas had a hard time believing Jesus had rose from the dead, because he understood exactly what that what it would mean for the world (past,present & future) if it was true. The rest of the apostles had not fully grasped the concept yet. He is the first one to recognize that the Resurrection of Jesus meant he truly was God. Thomas was clearly an intellectual, having a deeper understanding than his counterparts. This makes him a Ravenclaw.

Before becoming an apostle, Matthew was a tax collector. His willingness to collect money from his friends and family to pay the Romans shows he desired to get ahead; he wanted more than the life he had grown up in. He was obviously very intelligent, he also wrote one of the four gospels, which is why I’m torn about his placement. He could easily be a Ravenclaw. While Jesus’ love transformed him, I still see Matthew as a Slytherin because of his ambition. After Jesus, his ambitious drive simply shifted towards heavenly things.

James (the lesser) & Thaddeus (the other Judas)
There is not much known about these two apostles. They must have played quiet, supportive roles in Christ’s ministry. **Some even think they may not have been all that smart, and they were used as errand boys of sorts.** If this is true, they were obviously hardworking & dedicated, devoted friends, both to each other and to Christ. These two both go to Hufflepuff.

Simon the Zealot
Like the other Simon (Peter), this man can only be described as a Gryffindor. As a Zealot, he was a member of a fiery political party that wanted to overthrow Rome. He was daring, brave and courageous. Also, “zealous” and a little outspoken.

Judas Iscariot
Judas was different than the rest of the apostles. While he was impressed by Jesus, he was also using him for personal gain. Judas was possibly the most learned of all the apostles, he was very ambitious, and was looking to make his way up in the world. Scripture tells us that Judas was the keeper of their treasury and he often stole money from it. He’s the betrayer, willing to turn on his master for the right price. Not only that, he was cunning in the way he did it… he betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Judas is a Slytherin.

Chosen to replace Judas after the Ascension, Scripture does not provided much detail about his personality. One thing we know for sure, Matthias was a disciple of Jesus from the very beginning, and had been following him all throughout his ministry, serving in whatever way Jesus needed him. Matthias was dedicated and loyal. In my book, that makes him a Hufflepuff.

It’s very uplifting to look at the different personalities and temperaments of the Twelve. God doesn’t typecast anyone;  he calls and transforms us all. On our end, we have to remember to swap our weaknesses for his grace.

What do you all think? Did I get it right? Would you have placed the disciples in different houses?

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    1. Thank you! I had so much fun writing that one! I ended up reading more about the apostles— especially the “lesser” ones. It was so fascinating!

  1. This was really fun to read. My brother and I were just talking about this; we were having a hard time placing John in particular, since he’s both the ‘God is Love”, lean-on-Jesus’-chest guy, and (together with his brother) the guy asking if they should call down fire from heaven. Where do you think Paul would be sorted, Ravenclaw?

    1. Oh gosh… My first thought for Paul is Gryffindor. He’s so headstrong and outspoken! Brilliant too… so Ravenclaw makes sense too.

      And with John, though he is a “son of thunder”, his Gospel and his letters seem to lean more towards the “love” side!!

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