Humdingers from the Saints: St. Teresa of Calcutta

Often we think about turning the other cheek as an act of submission. It’s not. Mother Teresa knew this.

She came across a starving child in the streets, and she began going door to door, begging for food or money for the child.

One man was particularly rude and spit directly into her face… her response?

“Okay… that one was for me. Now what will you give me for the child?”

She certainly wasn’t passive. She didn’t retaliate… but she did kind of “call him out” and make him think about his behavior. She also gave him “the other cheek”… giving him the option to choose again.

Turning the other cheek is not passivity. It’s strength. It’s not allowing the actions of another to keep us from completing the task at hand… but giving them the option to reject us. Just as Jesus did.

It’s not about passivity. It’s about endurance.

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