What to do When the Pressure is Cooking on Thanksgiving

I always have big plans with lots of little details for get-togethers… and never has everything happened the way it was supposed to.

Thanksgiving is one of those times… the menu (full of old favorites and new temptations)… the decor to remind you of all things fall and just how much you have to be grateful for… the belly-growl inducing smells… the perfectly set table… the hand lettered place cards… a comfy but fashionable outfit…

It’s kind of a lot.

Yet, we all do it. We all try every year… we’re wired to celebrate, to create beautiful things, to want to be surrounded by all things good, true and beautiful. And you know who hates that?


You know who tries to twist it into something to cause us to sin?


So today, I can guarantee there will be plenty of frustrating moments. I can guarantee that there will be lots and lots of temptations to loose it… to snap…

Maybe it will be at your spouse, your child, your pet… maybe you will even turn it inward and criticize yourself.

So before you start your day of Thanksgiving (or during, or after depending on when you are reading this), remember to call on God for his grace.


If the dogs are getting underfoot, swap your annoyance for grace.

If your family is distracted by the TV and you need help peeling potatoes, swap your frustration for grace.

If you make it through the buffet line and your favorite side dish is already gone, swap your disappointment for grace.

If someone’s dessert tastes better than yours, swap your feelings of inadequacy for grace.

No matter what temptation you encounter, remember that there is grace available to you in that moment. Swap the temptation for the grace — and respond to each temptation from a place of love.

It’s a reminder we all need – myself included (which is why God reminded me first in prayer earlier this week). Pass this reminder along to someone you think will enjoy it, and have a blessed Thanksgiving… full of gratitude & grace.


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