What to do for Advent…

This year, I’m doing something I’ve never done before: The Christmas Novena…

It’s lesser known name is the Novena of St. Andrew, who’s feast day is today. Before St. Andrew  was a disciple of Jesus, he was a disciple of John the Baptist. He would have heard John speak the words, “Behold the Lamb of God…” as Jesus approached. Andrew left John’s discipleship to follow Jesus, which John would have had no issues with (remember, after Jesus’ Baptism, John said, “…he must increase, I must decrease.”)

After this experience, Andrew went and told his brother Simon (Peter), “…we have found the Christ.” Andrew was the first one to bring others to Christ, and that is what the season of Advent is all about.

In fact, keeping in theme with him being “the first,” the beginning of a new liturgical year, the first Sunday of Advent, usually falls on the Sunday after his feast day.

The Novena is simple, but a little demanding, as it is meant to be prayed 15 times a day from Nov. 30 – Christmas Eve.

Novena of St. Andrew

You can hit “15” in any way you’d like. You can pray it once an hour while you’re awake… you can pray all fifteen at once “flying novena style”… you could pray it 5 times before each meal. The possibilities are endless!

If you’d like, just take a screen shot of the prayer and refer to it on your phone all through advent — you can even set it as your lock screen on your phone!

Want to be a part of this Advent adventure? Sign up for SwapMail! We can share our experiences along the way, and after Christmas share reflections! If you’ve prayed this novena before, I’d love to hear about your experience! Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!!

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