Something Just Like This… & More: A Catholic Review of the Hit Single

“Something Just Like This” is the latest hit collaboration from The Chainsmokers & Coldplay. It’s catchy and sweet, and though I’ve listened to it many times in the previous months, something about the lyrics struck me differently this morning.

(if you’re unfamiliar with the song, see their music video below)


First Impressions

The song begins with a man contemplating the “stories of old,” heros of ancient myths and comic book heros. He doesn’t see himself as being on the same caliber as these men. In fact, I believe he’s questioning his own worth and manlihood. That is when the woman’s viewpoint comes in.

She tells him that she’s not looking for someone with “superhuman” gifts. She’s just looking for someone to walk through life with her, someone she “can turn to,” someone she “can kiss,” someone she “can miss.”

“I want something just like this,” she assures him.

Now I admit, this could be interpreted a couple of different ways:

  1. She’s settling and just wants to be with someone so she’s not alone.
  2. She wants something that is authentic and real– including a person’s faults and weaknesses.

Based on what I know about the depth of other Coldplay songs, I’m inclined to believe that the second message is the one that this collaboration was trying to achieve.


Who doesn’t have their moments of weakness and self-doubt? How often we compare ourselves to “fictional” characters: social media accounts, celebrities (secular or Christian), even people within our everyday lives. Though logically we all know that we are only seeing the parts of these people that they choose to reveal, we forget this truth. We see their “highlight reel” and compare it with everything about our lives… and we obviously don’t measure up.

The woman is helping man to see his own worth… a topic I wrote about over at FemCatholic yesterday. She wants him, exactly as he is –faults and all.

This Morning’s Realization

I can’t help but compare this to my own relationship with my husband. Like everyone else, we both have our insecurities. Yet since meeting, dating, and marrying, we’ve both become much more secure in ourselves as individuals. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve both always been fairly confident people, but the love and acceptance that we’ve found in the love of each other has made us so much stronger — as a couple and as individuals.

It’s amazing what unconditional love can do, and that has always been God’s plan for the sexes. Authentic acceptance, better understanding of our dignity and worth, and a safe place to grow in strength and virtue.

The Irony

This kind of love and support makes you feel invincible— “superhuman” if you will.

While I may never be able to fly, stop a train, or wrestle mythical beasts and win, Chris makes me feel like I can defeat any daily battle that comes my way– whether physical or spiritual.

Starting with what’s real and authentic and combining it with God’s grace actually does give you superhuman gifts… just look at the Saints.


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