Humdingers from the Saints: Mother Angelica

These past few weeks have been rough… members of the media are publicly (and crudely) insulting one another… a child who was denied treatment by the hospital against the wishes of his parents passed away…

Even closer to home, in my own life, there are huge discouragements… from false accusations towards loved ones and injustices towards others… life just seems a little more daunting than usual.

Thankfully, I find comfort and humor in an off-hand comment made by Mother Angelica years ago.

The Founder of EWTN

If you don’t know who Mother Angelica is, do yourself a great favor and do a little bit of research on her. She’s the founder of the most successful Catholic Television network in existence, Eternal Word Television Network— and it wasn’t an easy journey. She also did not have a perfect past. In fact, when Raymond Arroyo was writing a biography about her, she told him to include everything about her former– and threatened to pray and ask God to give Raymond 40 extra years in Purgatory if he didn’t!

She wanted the world to see how God’s grace and mercy had truly transformed her life.

The Humdinger

While this woman is full of hilarious nuggets of wisdom, the one that keeps popping into my mind lately is something she said during an episode of her talk show, Mother Angelica Live. I don’t even remember what brought the comment about, but I certainly remember her words:


Isn’t that the truth?

If it wasn’t for other people, we’d have no problem trusting. We’d have no problem being faithful. We’d have no disturbances. We wouldn’t fail to act virtuously. Truly, it would be so much easier to be holy.

Still, this “humdinger” is helping me in so many ways…

  1. It makes light of the situation… and lifts my mood, making me laugh.
  2. I feel supported in my distress, knowing someone known throughout the world as a model of holiness can relate to my own feelings.
  3. It reminds me that my faith is not real if it fails to live through the difficult moments. I have to be able to see the light with my heart, even if my eyes can only see darkness.

This off-hand comment reminds me of the light, and  gives me the courage to persevere.

Mother Angelica– pray for us please!

Mother Angelica died on March 27, 2016 (Easter Sunday) at the age of 92 from complications due to the stroke she had 14 years prior. At the time, she “also suffered from Bell’s palsy, heart disease and asthma.” Though the cause for her canonization has yet to be opened, the fruit of her time in this earthly vineyard is apparent… and I want her prayers regardless of whether she’s in Heaven or Purgatory.

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