Reflections of a Mom-to-Be on Mother’s Day

With my belly growing rounder, my little one’s kicks growing stronger and my nerves and excitement exchanging places with each other multiple times daily, I can’t help but think of a homily I heard from a wonderful priest years ago while I was still a student on campus at Franciscan. Father talked about how mothers are like Christ in a way that fathers never can be…

We are the ones who say silently through every pregnancy: “this is my body, given up for you…”

We say it through labor, through countless hours of feeding, through the times that our children are clingy, upset, and sick… only wanting mommy.

We give up our own bodies for our children.

We are living sacrifices…


Recently, I was speaking with a childhood friend who is also expecting her first child. Swapping experiences of nerves and excitement, this friend shared the words her own mother had recently shared with her:

“Motherhood has always been my greatest test of faith.”

As someone striving daily (and often failing) to thrive in my vocation of marriage, these words from this experience mother put my own heart at ease. It felt like she had reached out and taken me by the hand, reminding me that I am not the only one to experience the doubts, the worrying, the heartache. Motherhood is a part of my vocation, and a part of my faith journey… can I entrust every little aspect of this child’s being to my God? Or will I try to do it all myself?

Recognizing my own tendencies for the latter, I was thrilled to come across this quote from Mother Angelica. For me, it’s the reminder that I need when all the little tasks I have to complete become overwhelming…


I so need these types of reminders. I need to remember that every little task is a way to pray, as well as a way to grow in holiness…

  • When I have to update all the computers at work, I can pray for the renewal (or “updates”) of all the souls who will use that computer.
  • When I’m driving to work and battling traffic, I can imagine my drive as a metaphor for my path to heaven.
  • When I take my dogs out to do their business, I can make light of the situation and pray that I can rid my life and my soul of all that is “waste” and unhealthy.
  • When I’m cooking meals, I can pray that every one of my efforts will feed my loved ones both physically and spiritually.

Since my daily intentions are to swap my weaknesses for God’s grace, this type of imagery seems to fit right into my efforts. Which is what I am reflecting on this mother’s day: swapping negative thoughts and feelings for prayer, and absorb all the grace of the moment.

In honor of all moms– and out of pure excitement to be celebrating my first ever Mother’s Day– I’ve partnered with a few of my friends to bring you all a giveaway!

If you haven’t heard of these ladies before, you should absolutely check them out! Contributors include:

  1. Finding Philothea
  2. Simple Saints, by Catholic Box
  3. Lively Faith Co.
  4. The Marrow Label
  5. Philomena Design Co.
  6. Olivia from, To the Heights

Each of these women are friends from college. Whether we’ve known each other well ,or merely as little more than acquaintances, I so admire each one of them. They’ve each inspired and supported me (both personally and professionally) in some way, shape, or form, and it’s an honor to partner with them to celebrate motherhood! Check out my Instagram later today for details on how to enter– and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Hmm I seem to have a lot of these mundane types of tasks. Thank you for the reminder! I’ll have to make up some post it notes for around the house!

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