Saved by the Angel

It’s been two years since we moved out-of-state; that means it’s been two years since I’ve been in the classroom. I definitely miss the students. I miss their humor, their questions, their wonder… and I miss our conversations — especially conversations about their own faith experiences.

This past summer, “J” and I reconnected over social media. As we chatted briefly,  it brought up memories of conversations past — one conversation in particular. Back in 2012, during my first year of teaching, “J” told me a story about his guardian angel. Fast forward to the present, I asked him if he’d be willing to share his story with all the readers of The Swap. “J” graciously obliged.

Here is his story:

“ The year was 2004, I was seven years old, my sister was nine, and our family had just moved to Jacksonville Florida. We were wrestling for fun in my sister’s room (we did that a lot). At that age she was stronger than me, so she could really throw me around. During this particular wrestling match, she grabbed me and threw me against the window expecting me to bounce off of it like I usually did. Instead, it shattered, and I went right through and fell to the ground from the second story.

As I hit the ground, it felt unusually soft and I looked behind me knowing bushes just are not that cushy. For only a moment, I saw that I was laying on the wing of my guardian angel. I then looked up at my sister who was staring at me through the broken window with her hand over her mouth, eyes wider than I’ve ever seen. She then said “I’m so sorry!” and she ran to get my mom.

I continued to lay there and then thought, “Why is my arm asleep?” I looked down at my right arm and saw it was completely covered in blood. Panicking, I ran into my house yelling, “I don’t want an operation!” and my mom put pressure on my open artery. Meanwhile, my sister was dialing every combination of the numbers 1, 9, and 1 possible except for 911 because she was so scared. Finally she dialed it correctly and the ambulance came. The rainy weather wouldn’t allow for the life-flight that I needed, so I ended up in an ambulance instead of a helicopter. All I wanted to do was sleep, but the medic kept asking me simple questions such as “what’s your favorite color?” to try and keep me conscious.  I’d respond quite angrily ( “red, now let me sleep!”) but the medic asked me questions for the entire duration of the one-hour drive to the hospital because he knew I needed it in order to stay alive. When we arrived, the EMTs brought me into the operation room and hooked me up to machines to keep me alive. The medic said, “Now you can go to sleep” and I was out.

So now here comes the even more amazing part. My mom, my sister, and my dad were waiting in the emergency room praying a lot and I’m so glad they were. The only expert doctor that could repair my severed artery and nerves had just come back from a fellowship that hour. He repaired my artery using the new operation procedure he learned from the fellowship. The doctor ran a blood test and saw that I did not have enough red blood cells in my body sustain life. He checked a second time to be sure and he found that miraculously, I had just enough red blood cells in my body; they gave me more blood and continued the surgery.

Later, I woke up in a bed in the hospital after a 5-hour surgery and I asked my mom who the man in black was. My mom was amazed because she had sent a priest into the operating room to give me my last rights, but I was already unconscious so I couldn’t have seen him. There was no way to describe it other than a miracle. God and my guardian angel were definitely looking out for me and my family that afternoon. I’m alive and well, having only a big X-shaped scar, a weaker right arm/ hand, a few movement restrictions, and strange sensations in a couple of fingers. I am so thankful to God that I am still alive and there must be a reason my life was saved that day. God wasn’t finished with me yet, and the reason my life was saved may still be left to come. :)”

Happy Feast Day to you and your Guardian Angels!

(be sure to celebrate with yours!)

Have you had any experiences with your guardian angel? Tell me in the comments or shoot me an email!
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