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Happy Friday from GraceSwap! Today’s post is a slightly different format than usual. Seeing a huge bump in traffic and followers thanks to the Blessed is She 2019 Prayer Pledge, I thought it might be fun to share links to my twelve favorite posts.

Why twelve? Because it’s a biblical number and I’m a nerd about the symbolism in Scripture…

The Chosen Ones

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These are not ranked in any particular order. I simply went through my posts and picked out my favorites. As luck would have it, this list is a pretty good mix of all the different categories I write about, including scripture explanations, faith explanations, personal reflections, liturgical living ideas, and seeing faith within secular culture.

  1. Eagles, Wind, & Grace — a post about eagles’ flying patterns and how they can give us insight into the spiritual life; this came to me via Confession.
  2. Meeting St. Gianna — a personal story about a trip to St. Gianna’s hometown and a surprise encounter
  3. Passover Proves the Necessity of the Eucharist for Salvation — a piece from my years teaching Scripture to high school sophomores; it combines my love of the Eucharist, the Old Testament and my Scripture expertise.
  4. The Real Housewives of Genesis — as evidenced by many of the shows on TV these days, it’s obvious that the culture likes drama. The thing is… Scripture is FULL of drama. This post is an illustration of that (and there may be more ‘Real Housewives of the Bible’ in the future)
  5. Rectifying the Separate Visits of St. Nick & Santa for Catholic Kids — if you do Santa and St. Nick at your house, you might have kids ask questions about why he comes to visit and leave gifts twice in the same month. This piece is an idea for welding the two visits together.
  6. How to be a Long-Distance Godparent — my godsons live states away…and it kinda breaks my heart. Here’s a few of the ways I try to stay in contact with them and foster a relationship despite the miles
  7. 10 Ways Leslie Knope Inspired Me to be a Better Catholic — I’m a big fan of Parks & Recreation. I’m also a big fan of Catholicism and Jesus. One of my favorite things about being trained as a catechist is that I was trained to take note of things in the world that could help us explain the faith better. Leslie Knope is one such thing (person).
  8. Humdingers from the Saints: St. Teresa of Avila — Sometimes we put holiness in a box. We think it means always being meek and mild. My humdingers series is all about the semi-cheeky — but always holy — things the saints have done. It’s a crowd favorite for sure… and St. Teresa of Avila’s spunk just speaks to my soul
  9. 3 Ways You’re Under-Utilizing Your Guardian Angel — this piece is a part feastday reflection and part catechesis. I love my guardian angel, but I didn’t develop a relationship with him until adulthood. Spoiler alert: I was under-utilizing him.
  10. Hogwarts Houses & the Apostles — a fun piece where I imagine which Houses the Apostles would have been sorted into had they gone to Hogwarts. (I know Harry Potter can be a touchy subject. I totally respect people’s reasoning for avoiding the series; I did too for over a decade. Now, I love the books. I’m not trying to debate or endorse… just possibly share some smiles with other Potterheads #teamhufflepuff #noshame)
  11. Uprooting the Weeds is Not Our Job — I think this was actually my very first post. The Mass readings that Sunday, the homily and my time spent in prayer afterwards resulted in this reflection about the Weeds & the Wheat (Mt 13:24-30).
  12. Catholic Love for Hanukkah — Scripture was my favorite subject in college. It was also my favorite subject to teach. I especially love, love, love the Old Testament & how it foreshadows Christ (see post #3 above). That being said… I am fascinated by Jewish feasts and customs. There’s even part of me that wants to celebrate them (in light of Christ, of course). This piece about Hanukkah is more about its history and how the Maccabees kind of “swapped their weakness for grace.”

Hope you enjoy! Happy Reading!

Which post was your favorite? Did it make the list? Comment below!


Bonus! Here’s a link to all my posts on the Blessed is She Blog! If you haven’t already, I suggest reading Scrupulosity:When Catholic Guilt Goes Wrong, How to View Media Through a Catholic Lens, and How to Listen to the Spirit (Instead of the Flippant Opinions of Others) in Your Vocational Discernment. They’re my favorite on that site… although the most popular one was Not-So-Typical Unique Catholic Baby Names

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