The Fire that Lit a Flame

As I look back over the events of yesterday and scour over the news articles of today, I find myself wondering, "in the grand scheme of things, what was lost?"  And I have to conclude... nothing. Nothing was lost. Everything was gained. It was an event that brought the world together in love. It set hearts aflame, burning in unison, and it will continue to do so for years to come.

God Can Use Our Sins…

When an "old" movie catches your attention and speaks truth to you in a new way, you find yourself writing about it... (a reflection on the movie, Gladiator)

Humdingers from the Saints: Mother Angelica

These past few weeks have been rough... members of the media are publicly (and crudely) insulting one another... a child who was denied treatment by the hospital against the wishes of his parents passed away... Even closer to home, in my own life, there are huge discouragements... from false accusations towards loved ones and injustices... Continue Reading →

Do It Afraid.

This story is not my own. I came across it this morning and thought it was an incredible story of the power of grace. You might remember this story from a few years back; an editor from ESPN was fired for his headline "Chink in the Armor" which he used as his opening line for... Continue Reading →

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