Desi Sees a Ghost

Did you know the Church believes that the veil separating earth from Purgatory becomes thinner and ghosts can be more readily seen at this time of year? I did... which is why it made total sense to me that my nephew claimed he saw a ghost yesterday,

Reflections of a Mom-to-Be on Mother’s Day

With my belly growing rounder, my little one’s kicks growing stronger and my nerves and excitement exchanging places with each other multiple times daily, I can’t help but think of a homily I heard from a wonderful priest years ago while I was still a student on campus at Franciscan. Father talked about how mothers are like Christ in a way that fathers never can be…

Lenten Pancakes (with Protein)

As a child, I was filled with excitement everytime my mom would announce that we were having breakfast for dinner. It didn't matter if it was eggs, pancakes, or waffles, breakfast food always felt like a special treat. As an adult, not much has changed - and the added bonus? It's so easy and cheap to make!

Meatless Mexican Hash

Normally, we make this Mexican Hash with shredded chicken; but for our Lenten fasting we'll be removing the poultry and adding more black beans for an extra dose of protein. We'll be feasting vegetarian style! Ole!

Protein-Packed Pierogi

Lent is upon us, bringing with it meatless Fridays. Being married to a serious weight-lifter means protein is especially important to his diet. Obviously, keeping the fast is much more important for our souls; still, we do what we can to enhance meatless dishes with natural sourced of protein. This is one such dish. Enjoy!

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