Philomena Design Co.

I love this little shop, as well as the incredibly thoughtful and prayerful woman behind it. If you're looking for something meaningful to have commissioned for your home, look no further than Philomena Design Co (and use my affiliate code to get a discount!).

Reflections of a Mom-to-Be on Mother’s Day

With my belly growing rounder, my little one’s kicks growing stronger and my nerves and excitement exchanging places with each other multiple times daily, I can’t help but think of a homily I heard from a wonderful priest years ago while I was still a student on campus at Franciscan. Father talked about how mothers are like Christ in a way that fathers never can be…

Humdingers from the Saints: Mother Angelica

These past few weeks have been rough... members of the media are publicly (and crudely) insulting one another... a child who was denied treatment by the hospital against the wishes of his parents passed away... Even closer to home, in my own life, there are huge discouragements... from false accusations towards loved ones and injustices... Continue Reading →

Whatever is Lovely…

I want our home to be a safe-haven, much like Catholicism. And I want to have good, true and beautiful ways to share this joy with my family. Frameable Faith is one such way.

Three Insightful Books that Read Easy

A Common Catholic Dilemma: finding a spiritual read that helps you grow but doesn't take months, or even years to finish. Even with my formal training, there are times when Augustine and Aquinas are simply too taxing when it comes to reading in my spare time. In the midst of my own search for an... Continue Reading →

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