Humdingers from the Saints: Mother Angelica

These past few weeks have been rough... members of the media are publicly (and crudely) insulting one another... a child who was denied treatment by the hospital against the wishes of his parents passed away... Even closer to home, in my own life, there are huge discouragements... from false accusations towards loved ones and injustices... Continue Reading →

Humdingers from the Saints: St. Polycarp

I think my favorite thing about the Saints is their boldness in speech. I never fail to be amused and inspired by their fearlessness. Seriously -- there is no Saint in existence who was a push-over. They seem to all have found that sweet spot, being both ferocious and humble at the same time. Polycarp is no exception... 

Whatever is Lovely…

I want our home to be a safe-haven, much like Catholicism. And I want to have good, true and beautiful ways to share this joy with my family. Frameable Faith is one such way.

it’s ok if you’re not ok

“Remember --sin hurts!” he would say as the last bell of the week rang and his high school juniors would race out the door. My co-worker was a fellow religion teacher, in charge of our morality curriculum, and had a personality that lightened the mood of any tense situation. He could say difficult things to... Continue Reading →

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